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Tree Removal Procedures

Every homeowner has a right to know what to expect when a tree service crew shows up. To ensure the safety and precision of every project, we conduct a hazard assessment prior to each job, taking into account any nearby structures, utility lines, and hangers in surrounding trees. As a TCIA Accredited and fully insured business, we follow the highest safety standards in each procedure and are committed to your fullest satisfaction. Below are some of the common techniques and types of equipment you may see when we arrive on site:

Manual tree felling

Tree is felled from the ground by hand, using chainsaw(s), notching, and wedges. This is the simplest type of removal.

Technical tree felling

Tree is felled using a combination of manual techniques, taglines, pulleys, winches, and other similar tools to control the process.

Climbing/Climbing & Rigging

A worker ascends the tree and disassembles it with ropes, rigging, blocks, pulleys, slings, and groundcrew support. These tools and personnel assist in controlling the directionality and reach of limbs and segments as they are dropped, in order to prevent property damage and maintain a smooth workflow.

Bucket Truck felling

Tree is felled using similar tools as listed above; however, the worker ascends in the truck-mounted platform, rather than climbing the tree.

Mechanical felling

Heavy machinery is used to mechanically cut, fell, and stack large quantities of tree material. This type of work is normally employed in construction/commercial work sites, rather than a residential setting.

Pruning Procedures

While pruning plays a vital role in maintaining the health and beauty of your trees, it is important to distinguish between helpful and harmful practices. Knowing the difference can save you from hiring the wrong tree service and permanently damaging your trees. Below are some harmful pruning practices to avoid:

Lions Tailing

Thinning the density of a tree by cutting away foliage growing near the center. This is identified by TCIA as detrimental to the tree's balance and consequently a potential hazard.

Tree Topping

Reducing the height of the tree by wiping out the topmost branches. This can lead to serious damage, from which a tree may not recover.

Unnecessarily Puncturing the Tree

Using spikes to climb a tree you do not intend to remove, nailing bird feeders into the tree, or any inserting holes near the branch collar can inflict severe harm. In general, trees rely on intact trunks to maintain their immune system and penetrating the bark beyond what is needed for pruning can lead to compromised health.

Out-of-Season Oak Pruning

Pruning an oak in West Michigan during spring and summer increases their vulnerability to seasonal pests and diseases (namely Oak Wilt). To avoid this risk, it is advised to prune all oaks between late fall and winter, so that they have sufficient time to heal.

Our certified Arborists will help you identify where and how much to prune your trees, following industry standards for reduction cuts, heading cuts, vista pruning, thinning, crown cleaning, and any other type of trimming needed.


Whether clearing land for construction, or clearing the way for utilities, having the right game plan and equipment makes all the difference. With an extensive range of experience, we are prepared to tailor each project to the required specifications and site conditions, taking into account factors such as wetlands, overhead utilities, and the density of trees on the site.

As the first Michigan-based company to acquire a Sennebogen 718, we offer a revolutionary level of mechanical efficiency and precision. Other types of equipment used in clearing projects include whole tree chippers, large chip trucks, track loaders, forestry mowers, and excavators.

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