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Looking out your window, you notice several trees in your backyard that currently stand between you and the garden of your dreams.

The trees aren’t in bad shape—in fact, their wood is bound to be worth something!—but they take up so much space that planting a garden might just start a land war. Why not call a logging company to come and take them out?


First off, your wood may be worth a great deal, but you’ll never know it if the loggers are the ones naming the price. Second, you might get rid of the tree trunks, but the loggers aren’t interested in cleaning up the brush and branches they leave behind. And third, you might find your backyard much more spacious than you hoped, and in a condition that is hardly suitable for that sweet little garden.

But logging companies are supposed to help you create space for landscaping, right?


Logging companies and tree care companies are two different things, and it’s all in the name.

Logging companies are interested in logs—i.e. dead trees. How the tree “gets dead” and whatever else gets dead in the process is of little concern to them. And because most jobs loggers perform involve an infinite number of independent contractors, you will have an incredibly hard time tracking down whoever is responsible for the damages inflicted on your property and holding them accountable.

Every year countless landowners find themselves getting either overcharged or underpaid for the wood harvested by loggers, who are notorious for reinventing the value of any kind of tree and absconding with wood they were not asked to cut down. In other words, if you expect a logging company to perform a satisfactory job at a reasonable price, you are barking up the wrong tree.

So how do you get rid of those trees without ruining your property or getting ripped off?

If you intend to sell your wood, the best option is to hire a forester to assess the value and oversee the harvesting process. A forester should have credentials such as certification from the Society of American Foresters or membership in the Association of Consulting Foresters, and should monitor the quality of work and customer satisfaction. If you simply want your trees removed, a tree care company that is TCIA accredited with ISA certified arborists on staff is your safest bet. The bottom line is that loggers have no vested interest in you or your property, whereas a tree care company is expected to provide just that: care for you, your trees, and the rest of your property.

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