Clayton Bosman

Clayton grew up learning about vehicles and repairs from his dad. He decided to apply his skills in a new setting when he joined Treeworks, Inc. during the fall of 2020. He learned of the job opportunity from Nate Mencarelli, the company mechanic, who has become his on-the-job mentor. Although Clayton had done paid shop work for two years prior, he has found Treeworks, Inc. to be a unique environment where his welding and fabricating skills can flourish, thanks to Nate and the rest of the team. His daily highlights include practicing new skills, perfecting existing ones, and messing with Nate. Off-duty, Clayton indulges in the same rugged adventures as his colleagues, such as hunting, fishing, and messing around with trucks. As an avid sports player, one of his fondest achievements was winning the football play-off for Coopersville High School—something that hadn’t happened in thirteen years. If Clayton were a tree, he’d opt for an oak, due to their long lifespan and stately stature.

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