Luke Porter

ISA Certified Arborist | ISA Certified Utility Specialist | Certified Tree Care Safety Professional | Certified Chainsaw Instructor

As a co-owner of Treeworks, Inc., Luke has worked in arboriculture for twenty-five years. He and his brothers Jason and Zach grew up doing tree work for their father, and eventually helped forge the Treeworks, Inc. of today. Since the birth of the company, Luke has grown in his dedication to high standards and in his appreciation of the team that makes those goals possible. He firmly believes the company's greatest asset is the team itself, because of each crew member's initiative and skill. In his own words, "The crew's motivation is never monetary - it's about customer satisfaction." Aside from the guys he gets to work with, Luke is most proud of his wife Becky and their kids, and loves spending time with them in the outdoors. A few of his many rugged pastimes include archery, backpacking, and hunting. If he could sprout leaves and become a tree, Luke would opt for a hemlock, because they grow in remote, pristine environments and keep their foliage year-round.

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