Mike Wallace

ISA Certified Arborist

Mike's career in tree service began in the mountainous state of Colorado twenty years ago. Since then, he has blossomed in all things plant-related, recently receiving his ISA certification as an arborist. After moving back to Michigan, Mike found Treeworks, Inc. through the grapevine of "tree guys" and quickly joined the team. He brings with him an enthusiasm for greenery, and will soon be spearheading the company's development of plant health care and property maintenance. He especially enjoys the challenge of diagnosing mysterious plant afflictions and identifying the appropriate cure. Mike remains a man of mystery in other regards, as well- for instance, his reluctance to share what tree species he identifies with most, although he is known to spurn the Russian Olive. However, he has received poetic comparison to the species in the eloquent words of a former team member, who writes, "He would reside in the acquaintance of the Russian Olive, who alone could, in one branch, cover the unadulterated beauty of the prairies like wildfire on a summer wind... The practicality of his thorns would be a refuge to the birds of the air, but the bane of existence to mankind.

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