Nate Mencarelli

With twenty years of experience in mechanics under his belt, Nate decided to branch out and take his skills into the tree care industry in the fall of 2019. The transition to Treeworks, Inc. was a seamless one, as he had pre-existing friendships with Randy, the Porters, and a number of the crew. As he expected, the main highlight of the job has been working closely with a group of quality guys who see one another as people, and not just as co-workers. Outside work, Nate enjoys hunting, fishing, and spending time with his most prized possession: his family. If Nate were a tree, he would ideally be a member of a white pine forest, because of the uniquely awe-inspiring aura such a forest holds. However, if he ever catches you touching his tools you are more likely to encounter a fear-inspiring face (see image on the left). Consider yourself warned!

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