Owen Syrek

Owen joined the team in the fall of 2020, with an interest in trying a new industry. Although he already had a taste for outdoors work and wood hauling, his family’s connection to the Porters motivated him to dig deeper and explore arboriculture. Owen’s growing skill set and knowledge of machinery has enabled him to handle different tasks for each job—but he still loves being set loose with his trusty leaf-blower. Aside from the therapeutic value of eliminating debris, he feels this role has become his unique groove in the team. Outside of work, Owen loves to hunt, fish, work out, and play sports. He broke both a track record and some lifting records while in high school, where he played on the football team—earning full bragging rights as an official jock. As a tree, Owen thinks it would be pretty awesome to be a pine, because they are easily recognized by literally everyone.

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