Saul Silva

With fifteen years of excavating experience, Saul was well-equipped to join Treeworks, Inc. in the fall of 2020. He quickly became an invaluable asset to the team, with his experience in operating machinery and enabling a smooth workflow. For his part, Saul appreciates the tight-knit size of the company, in which team members hold one another accountable and invest in each other’s growth. Another aspect of the Treeworks, Inc. environment that Saul finds unique is how much communication takes place on the job. He feels this is especially vital to maintaining efficiency and safety throughout each project the team tackles. On his own time, Saul engages in multiple outdoor hobbies such as fishing, hunting, and camping—and bringing the kiddos along for each of these. When asked what kind of tree he would be, no amount of soul-searching could provide him with a clear answer—although Mike Wallace proposed that Saul would make an excellent flowering dogwood, “because of his blooming personality.”

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