Zach Porter

Having spent nearly the past two decades in tree service, Zach knows this trade. He also knows that it takes a special kind of team to accomplish the difficult tasks Treeworks, Inc. has tackled over the years for diverse companies. As one of the crew's senior members, he believes that the loyalty of the team, forged by close and intense work together, is what has enabled Treeworks, Inc. to serve the community for so long. His favorite part of his job is watching the crew grow and learn from one another, always striving for the highest standards. Outside work, Zach and his wife run a greenhouse where they sell vegetables and flowers. He feels that the time he spends growing plants makes up for the time he spends cutting them down at work. If he could be a tree, Zach imagines he would be a sugar maple, since his pastimes include boiling maple syrup, and sugar maples are the easiest trees to clean up after cutting them down.

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