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Forestry Mowing

Remove unwanted undergrowth and naturally enrich soil.

Forestry mowing (a.k.a. forestry mulching) is an eco-friendly way of rejuvenating land and enriching the soil. While forestry mowing can serve a number of purposes, some of the most common objectives include reducing fire hazards and cultivating a diversity of plant life for wildlife habitats.

The forestry mower chips up undergrowth on site, leaving a layer of nutrient-rich, green debris that will reabsorb into the soil. Think of it as making mulch on the spot. Aside from opening up space, this also prepares the soil for the introduction of different plant species, which can be chosen based on the project objective. Populating the freshly cleared land with certain plants can provide a safe, fertile environment for endangered insect and animal species—or it can simply create a haven of biodiversity.

If you wish to have a plot of land evaluated for forestry mowing, contact (insert hyperlink to Request a Quote page) our ISA certified arborists for an assessment and we will meet with you on site.

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